Hortus is devoted to the prosperity of all living beings; to making attaining holistic health possible for each and every business so as to help change the way we care for ourselves, our employees, our consumers, our communities and our environment.


We believe in creating a world where the large majority of individuals in the human race are prosperous, experiencing health on a holistic level, and enjoying being inspired individuals in communities who are on their purpose and finding fulfillment and joy. While we’re at it, why not even a little magic and wonderment?


We believe in the Ephebic Oath “We will transmit this city not only not less, but greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”


We help brands get holistically healthy, have some fun, and make one hell of a long term return on investment at the same time.


Having a challenge balancing consumer health and shareholder value? 

Is the overall health of your brand conflicting with your core business objectives? 

Is lack of stakeholder engagement affecting your return on investment?


Hortus helps brands reflect their values, purpose and just cause through culture of health strategy combined with biophilic environmental design.


Biophilic environmental design is focused on the human experience. It defines how we experience every aspect of the designed environment and how we ultimately feel in, and interact with the space.


This can include lighting, furniture, graphics, materials, interior design, interior and exterior landscapes and plantscapes, exhibit spaces, film and theater sets, and the building itself. 


From the first moment of encounter to the last moment of interactivity, biophilic environmental design is a holistic approach to how we experience the designed environment and how it enhances our health in the natural, physical, social, and cultural space.


We work with clients who are purpose driven, hold integrity and trustworthiness as cardinal principles, are devoted to the betterment of self and others, and are committed to providing mindful surroundings, processes and systems for their consumers, stakeholders, communities, and environments.


Our minimum level of engagement for providing smaller scale strategy and design services is between 60,000 and 30,000. Larger scale engagements between 100,000 and 60,000.

Active Member of the Futur Pro Group


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Inventor/Prolific Artist/ Materials Specialist/Master Maker Fproduct.net Fabricecovelli.com

Fabrice Covelli

FProduct Founder / Texture & Industrial Designer
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Polymath/Muse/Art Activist/Master Chocolate Geek


Misty Gonzalez

Hortus Founder / Environmental Designer

what we do

Case Studies

We do a trial run before helping you scale up widely.

We then conduct a measured evaluation that will help to learn important lessons and tweaks that need to be implemented along the way before making broader changes.

Personal Development Products

The whole is greater than the sum it's parts, so let's be the whole that's greater than the sum of our parts and donate to a great cause.

The e-book "One" has gone on sale for .99 cents (exactly one cent less than one dollar!). We wanted to give it away as a gift, but cannot lower it beyond this price due to a pre-Covid determined royalty agreement.

Because of that, "One" will be on sale until May 15th, and all proceeds will go to Johnson & Johnson's research for helping to find a vaccine for COVID-19.

It's a fun book for kids of all ages that approaches maintaining one's individuality while working together as a synergy from a funny and poetic point of view.

If you only purchase these types of books once in a while, please consider "One" the next time you make a purchase.

Link to the E-Book is here, get one for yourself or someone you love!

Please pass it along!


Implementing a culture of health involves clearly understanding your business' pain points, and creating a way to address these challenges. 

We collaborate with you to create concise and thoughtful culture of health and process and systems strategies based on an in depth discovery process to help you reach your desired business goals and just cause impact. 

We help you discover how you and your stakeholders can have fun in the process, and make a long term impact on your return on investment. 

Designed Environments

We'll help you create designed environments that help you provide a workplace where your team will thrive, tap into health and well being, and become more engaged and productive.


Looking for help and don't need full strategy or design services? We're devoted to helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

We listen and ask quality questions to help you make informed decisions. 

We have nearly 80 years of combined experience as consultants and creators and have provided consulting services for over 250 architecture and landscape architecture projects world wide. 

Basic Consulting Service Package: 600.00 per hour. 




Hortus Approved Products

Purchase products pre-selected and review by Hortus. 10% of proceeds from this Hortus Amazon Affiliates purchase goes to help inner city kids through Groundswell. www.groundswell.nyc Click below to check out!  


And So it Goes with Eating the Music

Hortus founder Misty Gonzalez lands a second season as resident artist with St Urban. for 2016.


Fabrice Covelli Rolls Out the RolPal

Texture designer and inventor Fabrice Covelli & parnter Diery Prudent begin making a smash with the RolPal. See the NY Times article here.


Hortus rolls out premier custom mold making commission

  2.4.2015 Hortus rolls out our first custom mold making commission with products for St. Urban. Have a look at St. Urban's beautiful salon offerings for 2015 here.


‘We will leave this city not less but greater, better and more beautiful than it was left to us.’ - Athenian Oath



Hortus Headquarters

New York City, New York

+1 (646) 389-1864