About Hortus

Why we do what we do:

We understand that we are all connected and at one with life force energy,  passion and vitality. We envision a world where spaces and objects from personal to architectural contribute to our fellow human beings through personalized creative design experiences that connect us with one another and inspire wonderment and a sense of well being.

How we do what we do:

Our approach to business is collaborating with independent clients, design professionals, visual artists, performers and food professionals to create innovative, remarkable, options that include fine art, high-standard mold and industrial design, manufacturing and installation, product support, & accuracy.

We’ll help you by implementing art and design that create value for yourself and those you are connecting with.


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Inventor/Prolific Artist/ Materials Specialist/Master Maker Fproduct.net Fabricecovelli.com

Fabrice Covelli

FProduct Founder / Texture & Industrial Designer
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Polymath/Muse/Art Activist/Master Chocolate Geek


Misty Gonzalez

Hortus Founder / Environmental Designer

what we do

Interior Design

Concept design and architectural renderings, space planning, consulting on interior architectural finishes and furnishing and accessory selection with connections to multiple contractors.

Custom Mold Making and Casting Fabrications

Capability of development of unique materials that can be be used in a variety of innovative applications. Our proprietary processes allow us to custom fabricate pieces to virtually any size, while minimizing R & D costs.

Landscape Design

26 years of experience in landscape design, installation and project management / art direction with an extensive background in horticulture.

Textures for Architectural Surfaces

Three-dimensional textures demonstrating a wide range of design capabilities with abstract and spontaneous patterns. Applicable to products and materials through most manufacturing processes, including embossing and digital fabrication.

Custom Building Envelope Textures

Our design-and-build skill set – combining the talents of the artist and the engineer – has made us the "go-to" guys for a number of commercial commissions in the service of architects and design professionals. We are comfortable working in the most demanding environments whether in the role of team leader or collaborator.

Furniture and Lighting Design

We offer our clients over 20 years of expertise in product design and art fabrication, specializing in the innovative use of materials and texture design for furniture and lighting.

Industrial Design and Production

Furniture, lighting and houseware design featuring a sizeable texture bank suitable for use in a variety of media.

Graphic Design

Full service strategic graphic design including visual branding, packaging and print design.


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Hortus Approved Products

Purchase products pre-selected and review by Hortus. 10% of proceeds from this Hortus Amazon Affiliates purchase goes to help inner city kids through Groundswell. www.groundswell.nyc Click below to check out!  


And So it Goes with Eating the Music

Hortus founder Misty Gonzalez lands a second season as resident artist with St Urban. for 2016.


Fabrice Covelli Rolls Out the RolPal

Texture designer and inventor Fabrice Covelli & parnter Diery Prudent begin making a smash with the RolPal. See the NY Times article here.


Hortus rolls out premier custom mold making commission

  2.4.2015 Hortus rolls out our first custom mold making commission with products for St. Urban. Have a look at St. Urban's beautiful salon offerings for 2015 here.


‘We will leave this city not less but greater, better and more beautiful than it was left to us.’ - Athenian Oath



Hortus Headquarters

New York City, New York

+1 (646) 389-1864